Why Being a Team Player Helps You Succeed

All the great people or great achievements are the product of some great collaborations, some great team efforts.

Let us take the example of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is a team atmosphere. Nursing units work together as a team to provide the best patient care and outcomes. Every patient’s care is managed by a team of doctors, nurses, physicians, attendings, and other staff from different medical specialties. There is also the ancillary staff who often go unnoticed like the pharmacists, therapists, medical specialists, social workers, dietary experts, and respiratory therapists. The point is no person can do it all by him or herself, and that’s why good communication is important in nursing.

How would a whole world of these tasks be done without exercising teamwork? Teamwork is almost indispensable in defining the success of any business.

A study at Stanford University examined the career paths of thousands of executives to determine what qualities they either had or developed that enabled them to move ahead of the most rapidly. The first quality was the ability to function well in a crisis. The second quality that was the ability to function well as a member of a team. 

It is the ability to demonstrate cooperation rather than confrontation. It’s the primary quality that senior executives looked for and rewarded the most. The study also highlighted that the ability to be a good team player inevitably led to greater and greater opportunities to function as a member of more and more important teams.

Here are four reasons why being a team player helps you succeed.

  1. Strong work relationship. A team that has a great communication level has mutual understanding and trust in each other that will always prove beneficial for the organization.
  2. Promotes creativity. Your colleagues can confidently share their opinions and thoughts with you without fear of judgment. That sense of connection with your teammates will give a leap to one’s creativity as well as the overall success of the team.
  3. Encourages learning. Every individual has his own set of skills and strengths. When the whole team works as one unit, people can always avail of opportunities to learn from others.
  4. Brings a sense of accomplishment. When a team works on a project as one unit, the sense of accomplishment also becomes greater on finishing the task. It brings a sense of confidence and fulfillment to the entire team.

You can make the decision to be an excellent team player in everything you do at work and at home. Your aim should be to seek out every opportunity to demonstrate your ability to contribute to the success of a group of people in accomplishing large objectives. And you can start right where you are.

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