What is A Registered Nurse? All you need to know!

What is a registered nurse? Are you interested in learning about it?

If you answered YES to the question, you are in the correct place. In this blog, I have explained the registered nurse in detail, starting from the definition to their salary.

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Topics to be covered in this blog:

●       Definition of registered nurse

●       Responsibilities of a registered nurse

●       Education required to become a registered nurse

●       Where does a registered nurse work?

●       What are the requirements that a registered nurse should fulfill?

●       Specializations

●       How much money do registered nurses make?

●       Conclusion

Definition of registered nurse


A Registered Nurse (RN) is a medical professional. They perform various duties such as observing patient’s health, administering medications, supervising a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and other assistants, etc.

The registered nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system. They directly work with doctors, communicate and treat the patients, update the patient’s family member regarding the health, etc. Thus, without them, healthcare systems can’t function smoothly.

Responsibilities of a registered nurse

The following are the responsibilities of a registered nurse.

●       Registered nurse diagnoses the patients. Also, they ensure safety and help in preventing the spreading of infection.

●       They provide medical care during emergency situations.

●       Registered nurses monitor patient’s conditions, and they update the physicians/doctors regarding the patient’s condition.

●       They treat the patients and administer necessary medicines.

●       They assist surgeons during surgical sessions.

●       They are responsible for administering injections and checking blood pressure.

●       They record the symptoms and histories of the patient’s health.

Education required to become a registered nurse

There are two ways of becoming an RN.

  1. ADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

ADN takes around two years to complete, which is much lesser than the four years that completing a bachelor’s degree requires.

By seeing the time duration, everyone will prefer to become a registered nurse by acquiring ADN. But, in this era, many employers are looking to hire registered nurses who have a bachelor’s degree. So, I highly recommend you to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

If you already have a non-nursing degree and don’t have the time to study the entire four-year BSN program, an accelerated BSN program can be an excellent option.

Accelerated BSN programs take around 12-24 months to complete, depending on the program intensity and requirements.

Once you complete your education, you have to get a license to become a registered nurse.

Where does a registered nurse work?

If you are registered nurse, you can work in various places, such as:

●       Nursing care facilities

●       Hospitals

●       Clinics

●       Physician office, etc.

Apart from this, a registered nurse can also work as travel nurse or home care nurse. If you work as a travel nurse, you can make a pretty good amount of money. As a travel nurse, you act as a consultant as you work in a healthcare facility temporarily. So, generally, as a travel nurse, you have to travel from place to place.

As the name suggests, if you work as a home care nurse, you will be treating the patients in their homes. You have to monitor their health, administer medications, monitor their recovery, and answer the queries of the patient and his family members.

What are the requirements that a registered nurse should fulfill?

The following are the requirements that a registered nurse should fulfill.

●       The registered nurse should have a good understanding of emergency care and procedures.

●       The registered nurse should have excellent communication skills.

●       In many cases, the registered nurse supervises the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and other assistants. So, the RNs should have excellent leadership skills.

●       The registered nurse treats patients, so the RN needs to be responsible.

●       The registered should have excellent organizational skills. 

●       The registered nurse should be able to handle multiple tasks at a time.

●       Last but not least, the registered nurse should have the necessary education completed. Also, a license to become a registered nurse is required.


As a registered nurse, you can also become specialists in multiple fields related to nursing.

To become a specialist, you need to gain higher experience and education. Also, it may take an extra three years (approximately, it may be even higher or lower) to become a specialist.

For example, suppose you want to become an anesthetist nurse. In that case, you will have to gain experience in acute care settings, attain a master’s degree, get the nurse anesthetist license, in addition to completing your BSN and becoming a registered nurse.

Some of the popular specializations are as follows:

●       Ambulatory care nurse

●       Infection control nurse

●       Neonatal intensive care nurse

●       Psychiatric nurse

●       Pediatric oncology nurse

●       Anesthetist nurse

●       Gastroenterology nurse

●       Orthopedic nurse

●       Medical-surgical nurse

●       Critical care nurse, etc.

Apart from becoming a specialist, you can expand your knowledge as a general registered nurse by attending courses, workshops, etc. This will also increase your experience!

How much money do registered nurses make?

The amount of money you make as a registered nurse depends on various factors such as experience, the location you are working, education level, etc.

On average, the registered nurses make around $76,000/year. The lowest is around $51,000/year, and the highest is around $110,000/year.

To be honest, these are pretty big numbers, and the income is sufficient to live a pretty decent life in the United States.


I hope this blog gave you a detailed understanding of the registered nurse.

A registered nurse is an excellent career to pursue. As an RN, you are both making good money and helping society. Isn’t it awesome?

As mentioned in the blog, registered nurses play an essential role in the healthcare system as they directly interact with doctors, patients, and their families. So, there is a pretty high demand for registered nurses.

If you attain a BSN, then getting a registered nursing job will be much easier!

I wish you all the best on behalf of success in your career as a registered nurse!


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