The Books and Podcast You Need To Become the Better Version of You

The word success has different meanings for everyone. For some people, success is defined as making lots of money. For others, success is doing something they love and doing it well. Of course, being successful is what everyone strives for, but not the outcome everyone achieves.

There is business success, personal success, relationship success, and the physical success you get from winning in athletics. No matter what success looks like to you, all you need is to learn the ideas that will help you improve your habits, personal growth, and perspective in different areas of life.

So if you’re looking for something great to read or listen, I have some recommendations that will definitely help you achieve your success and become the better version of you.

  • Limitless Success with Tonika Bruce

The Books and Podcast You Need To Become the Better Version of You
Limitless Success with Tonika Bruce

What do we do when life takes an unexpected turn and leaves us hurt and broke? In this book, I explain how we must not let failure define who we are, but rather see it as an opportunity to see endless possibilities. Highlighting the positive impact a mentor can have on our lives, we must appreciate failure and channel our energy towards finding success and financial freedom.

Limitless Success with Tonika Bruce is an anthology that also features other bestselling authors who share their success journeys. Good news is it’s available in e-book format.

  • Wired for Uncommon Success

The Books and Podcast You Need To Become the Better Version of You
Wired for Uncommon Success by Tonika Bruce

While there are many books out there on how to succeed, Wired for Uncommon Success is like no other. It is filled with tested and proven principles with clear calls to action so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel in trying to find out how to succeed.

This e-book is dedicated to changing your life, making you successful in ways deemed uncommon, and propelling you to achieve your wildest dreams. Loaded with inspiring words, this book will take you from where you are to where you want to be, empower you to specify your goals, take action, and chase them with high endurance.

  • Success Habits

The Books and Podcast You Need To Become the Better Version of You
Success Habits by Tonika Bruce

Everyone wants to be more successful in their life but knowing how to take the steps needed to achieve that success can be mystifying. This e-book provides a comprehensive guide and tools you need to finally achieve the success you’ve always wanted – and that you deserve.

Read this e-book, and you’ll learn valuable insights and advice that can help you adjust your habits and mindset like successful people, overcome everyday challenges, and set short and long-term goals.

The Books and Podcast You Need To Become the Better Version of You
Nurse X’s and O’s Podcast by Coach Tonika Bruce

We’re living through trying times, but it’s important we keep our bodies, spirits, and minds engaged. If you have no time to read books, then listen to this podcast focused on bringing impact to your life, causing you to reach your wildest dreams, with bold and relentless pursuit, and a mind to pursue your purpose and passions.

Each week, I candidly talk about contemporary issues affecting the lives of everyday individuals and work to find solutions to major problems. In this podcast, we take a closer look at the lives of nurses and frontline workers, athletes and coaches, their sacrifices, the importance of service, and how the state of our healthcare systems need to change.

My final words… 

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A Guide to Repositioning the Nursing Profession for a Post COVID Era

As part of her contributions towards strengthening the nursing workforce, Tonika Bruce, a registered nurse, and best-selling author, gives a detailed overview of how to reposition the nursing profession for a post-COVID era. 

The strength of nurses lies in their vital role in patient care, advances in nursing technologies, and feasibility of resources but there are a few implications for them.