Strive for Greatness

The purpose of writing this blog “Strive for Greatness” is designed to look at success from every angle.

On my blog, we will educate, pose discussions about some extremely difficult topics, and ask questions that others may be afraid to ask. In fact, you will see everything from guest posts, comics, and the famous Coach “Shorts”.

We will even be here during the days that I don’t want to write anything at all. The great part about it is, I will even take the time to laugh at myself when necessary. Why would I laugh at myself self you ask?

It is because sometimes we want to be successful so badly that we often lose sight of the most basic and common things. So much so, that we must take the time to laugh at ourselves.

With that being said- this is one of my most EMBARASSING and VULNERABLE moments. In fact, if you know me, or once you get to know me, you will understand that I would normally NEVER EVER show anyone this picture.

But! I just got the news that my book cover was completed so I kind feel pretty good right about now.

CHEEZE…. at it’s finest

So that was me trying to take my “most serious” picture when the photographer gave me no choice but to absolutely bust out laughing!!

Well, sometimes, even in our most serious times you need a big laugh. I know I did. I am just grateful to have such an opportunity to love what I do enough that laughter becomes a daily ritual.


A Guide to Repositioning the Nursing Profession for a Post COVID Era

As part of her contributions towards strengthening the nursing workforce, Tonika Bruce, a registered nurse, and best-selling author, gives a detailed overview of how to reposition the nursing profession for a post-COVID era. 

The strength of nurses lies in their vital role in patient care, advances in nursing technologies, and feasibility of resources but there are a few implications for them.