MAJOR ISSUES NURSES FACE TODAY: The State of Healthcare for our Healthcare Personnel

Nursing is one of the largest aspects of the healthcare system. Nurses work across all the departments, serving at different capacities, and with different roles and responsibilities. Despite this fact, nurses face several challenges in their line of duty. Today, we take a closer look at the state of healthcare for our health care personnel.

Healthcare is not just limited to physical health. Recent studies have shown that nurses are prone to mental health issues which leads some of them to suicide. This is a sad realization considering a nurse’s dedication to serve all. We ask ourselves, what could possibly be the cause of this trend? There are vast reasons why this happens, and it is different for each case.

Some of the widely known reasons could be related to traumatizing events witnessed at work. Patients form a special bond with their nurse because they feel safer in their presence. As a result of that same bond, if a nurse loses a patient, it could be devastating for them. Feelings of self-doubt begin to set in, causing them to question every decision they made or whether they should have done anything differently to ensure a different result. Burnout and exhaustion are also the main contributors to mental health issues. A tired mind cannot make sound and cognitive decisions.

Feeling sad after a loss is normal, though this should not cause you to feel unworthy, irresponsible, or unable to do well. When this happens, assure yourself that you did the right thing. Remind yourself of all the good that you have done in the past and will continue to do. Reflect on the several other lives that you have saved or helped to recover or heal. This helps you appreciate and love yourself unconditionally.

Should the events bother you for an extended period, seek counseling from a specialist. Find a hobby to keep you calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Spend time with your loved ones, their infectiously high spirits and view of you will overflow to you.

Most of all, love yourself enough because you matter.


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