If you aren’t winning at home with your family, are you still winning?

Here’s the thing. Someone messaged me a question about why I didn’t do live videos on Sundays, because it was his day off and the only time he is up early enough to catch them. He was legitimately upset about it too. While I am super excited to have you follow me and that we have built a friendship through social media, I had to ask myself, and you of course, was that just a little much to ask? Seriously, I used to coach college basketball and, don’t get me wrong, I loved the young adults that I coached, and it was such a special time in my life, but it was a 24-hour job. Somewhere someone or something suffered. I mean, it was usually my health, my time in relationships or with my family.

New start-ups and the development of entrepreneurs can equate to long hours. In fact, depending on if you are working with entrepreneurs in different times zones, it can also affect your sleep, focus, relationships and family time, if you let it. As a nurse, a full-time wife, mom, doctoral student, business leader, coach and builder, you can see that balancing time must become an art form;one that I haven’t always mastered. Psst…. If you have a few extra secrets, let me know. What I have chosen to do is, take Sundays off. On occasion, I will come in from 5am-7am, after my morning routine and regime and get myself organized for the week, but that is my trade off for taking the remainder of the day to just participate in church, spend time with my family, watch TV (the only day I even have time for it), lounge, do nothing, if I so chose to.

I mean, even the most successful people take at least one day off, right?

If I don’t make time for myself, for my family, then what is the reason that I grind all week anyway?

You can ask almost anyone, especially a nurse or coach that I know about how they feel after a long and hard week? It’s like…. Don’t you dare call me on my day off to ask me to pick up a shift. Or come in for a meeting during day shift when I work night shift, or vice-versa. I mean, why do they do that anyway? … ok, that’s a different topic.

My point is…..If you are successful in business or at work, but you are not winning with your health, your spirituality, your relationships AND your time, are you winning at all? Each person makes their own choices, and I respect whatever you decide for yourself, but I will continue to take Sundays off. I am addicted to WINNING!



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