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How to Cultivate Your Passion for Nursing

Most young nurses start practicing their profession with an ideal degree of enthusiasm and unselfish dedication to patient care and service. Undoubtedly, many have sustained this enthusiasm and commitment due to the supportive environment and constant push in the workplace. We cannot deny that for obvious reasons, some lose that fire and eventually quit the profession. The long working hours, toxic workplace, upper management issues, and the graveyard shifts are some of these reasons.

Even if this is an undeniable truth, there are many ways to keep the fire and passion for nursing burning.

Consult an Expert

Consult an Expert

It is always good to seek advice from experts. A nurse or a career coach can help with your plans and redirect you to your vision. It is easy to lose track of your goal when facing negative experiences or challenging situations. Try reaching some of the best coaches in the industry, such as the bestselling author and nurse Tonika Bruce. Or even get helpful and trusted resources like success books.

Read Inspirational Books

Reading is one way of eliminating stress and relaxing. However, more than that, reading can ignite our deepest passions and aspirations. Reading inspirational books written by the best authors can open your eyes to certain realities and push us to do things. In addition to this, writing a journal after reading an inspirational book can also help answer career-related questions and draw out points for reflection. By jotting down these notes, you can go back, compare, make resolutions and plan out possible actions to keep that passion for nursing.

Take a Day Off

Take a Day Off

Planning a day to take care of yourself makes a big difference. It is always good to take a break from the things that we usually do. It will help prevent burnout and allow the release of negative energy and stress. Schedule these activities weekly or monthly to momentarily forget about nursing duties. Nothing can be more inspiring and motivating than starting a week or a month after some downtime.

Be Involved

You can be a mentor, a researcher, or perhaps both. Even with the busy schedule, get time to sign up as a preceptor. Reach out to new nurses by talking to them about careers and growth in the profession. If relating with a newbie is not a thing for you, you can get involved by studying the exciting challenges in the nursing profession. Alternately, connect with your colleagues and brainstorm a research initiative.

Work Towards Your Need

If nursing is your dream job and you want to advance your career, then it’s high time that you take the necessary steps to reach the goal. Plan out how you can take advantage of the current position and use it as a stepping stone towards your goal.

On the same note, if you are not happy about your designation, you can adjust the plan or learn new skills to land the position in line with your aspirations. That is a smart move to avoid redundancy and losing the passion for the profession.

Apply these simple tips to keep your passion and love for the nursing profession alive.


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