How the Simplest Things can Have a Profound Impact on Our Lives

The world is complex enough, with intricate relationships, confusion, and chaos, that we have very little room for. Despite these, the simple things can have a profound impact on our lives.

Even loved ones and work demands can cause you to be overly stressed. So, let’s make the decision together to use simple words to express how we feel. When our loved ones ask for our input, we should express it in a straightforward way, so it will show them that the advice is without strings attached. It proves that our love is unconditional and stronger.

At work, we can use clear-cut strategies to resolve challenges. By implementing simple and uncomplicated approaches, we can make expectations very clear. We may express our exact thoughts and convey them in a very understandable manner.

For example, in an email to a coworker, you may write directly: “Thank you for asking me to pick up a shift, four times already, but I have commitments on Sundays, to my family, faith, and self that I am unable to ever break or waiver with. It is why I have removed it from my availability, so others are not confused by this, and call me again at 13:00 when I am a night shift worker. Yes, that includes texting me.”

See how that works!

By simplifying and being direct, even when your response may be unfavorable, it allows for quicker handling of contentious exchanges. When the other party clearly understands your perspective, it is easier to resolve the matter and move on.

Today, let’s decide: Our days will be spent with very little stress because we have actively looked for the simplest ways to do things. We allow blessings of joy into our lives because of the approach we decide and act upon.

Self-reflection Questions:

1. How many ways can I achieve simplistic living?
2. How does embracing the simple things impact my ability to acknowledge and recognize tiny blessings?
3. What approach do I use to break down complex matters into simple ones?

Tonika Bruce is a registered nurse, a dynamic entrepreneur, and an inspiring coach who has worked with teams to ensure performance. Referred to as The Network Nurse, she inspires and motivates healthcare students and workers to reach their absolute best.


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