Do Limitations Really Exist?

After my book launch and several self-reflections, I began to look back over my journey of becoming an author and why it took me so long. In the realm of busy-being-busy, I grasped that it was not just about time. In fact, it was that I had placed limitations on what I could accomplish, by simply believing there were limits to what I could do.
Why had I let limitations hold me back all those years? I knew that I was highly capable of doing what I aspired to do. What were my true limitations?
So, what changed? I made the decision not to have any more limits. In fact, the only real limitations were the ones that I placed in my own mind. All obstacles outside my own mind were minor and could always be easily overcome……. unless I fooled myself into thinking otherwise.

Control my mind, I am limitless

In fact, I am in control of my fear, doubts, self-worth and confidence I choose to be free of fear and doubt – with high self-worth and confidence. Managing these things, clears ALL limitations. I made the choice to be limitless in every way; transcending any and all obstacles with my natural gifts and placed purpose. I chose to refuse all limitations that try to exist in my mind. In fact, the sheer words of no encourage me to work harder.

Because I control my mind, I am free of limitations.

Once I set a goal, act, stay the course and eliminate all external limitations, I realize that success is guaranteed

Now, I approach life without limitations. I approach each project as if I cannot fail. I am confident in my ability to be successful. My limitations only exist in my mind.


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