COVID & Entrepreneurship In Nursing: How the Pandemic Is Boosting New Ventures

COVID & Entrepreneurship In Nursing: How the Pandemic Is Boosting New Ventures

Most businesses closed down, and some struggled to stay afloat during this pandemic. As people are trying to wrap their heads around the pandemic, more nurses are shifting into entrepreneurship.

We will look at the impact COVID has on businesses, nursing business ideas and consider the statistics on business pre-pandemic.

Small Business Success Before the Pandemic (Pre-COVID)

First, it is necessary to appreciate how essential small enterprises are to the American economy. Pre-pandemic business statistics according to Learn Hub:

  • Small business owners accounted for more than 99% of all employers in the U.S
  • Every month saw the launch of about 543,000 new enterprises.
  • Small enterprises created 1.6 million new employment.

The Influence of COVID on Entrepreneurship

The pandemic has forced most businesses to shut down as some had to readjust their workflow. The pandemic has caused most to opt for remote working.

However, nurse entrepreneurs are resilient people. Nursing is a demanding profession, and most of the workers in the field are starting to embrace entrepreneurship. That is a good sign since most nurse entrepreneurs develop novel healthcare-related business models that frequently streamline access to care and enhance results.

Nursing Business Ideas

It is time for you as a nurse to start taking entrepreneurship seriously. As a fact, more nurses have put on their innovative hats and created health-related start-ups. Some have proved more successful with the Covid pandemic in 2021. Here is a list of the top 5 profitable business ideas for nurses and their yearly Income

  1. Food delivery service ($1.56M/year)

If there is anything that Covid-19 has done is to motivate people to eat better for a more improved lifestyle. A nurse with the resources and time to prepare healthy meals can win big with a food delivery service. You can even go the extra mile of making custom meal plans for clients for extra money!

2. Medical app ($1.2M/year)

Everyone now wants to access everything in the comfort of their house using their smartphones. That is why it is a good idea to create a medical app. You can offer online medical consultancy services and prescribe drugs during certain circumstances. You can even build a medical app with a list of hospitals in different areas treating different diseases, and the hospitals can pay you for every patient who goes to them as a referee from your app.

3. Nutritionist ($24K/year)

As we said earlier, COVID-19 has made people cautious about their health. As a nurse, being a nutritionist will be very beneficial. You have the knowledge and expertise to offer nutrition advice based on different health goals for interested clients. You can offer services, such as personalized meal plans, advice on healthy living, and help clients manage their health conditions through nutrition.

You can research nutrition and even take online certifications to be a certified nutritionist. Some areas may require licenses for you to practice being a nutritionist. Be sure to check all the requirements.

4. Online coach business ($98K/year)

People are now working and staying home most of the time. That means people are now learning and consuming products and services online. You have all the knowledge and expertise to start a coaching business online. Share your knowledge with people, and the best part is that people worldwide can learn from you through sites like youtube and skillshare. It is a good business that is also easy to start. You can be an online yoga instructor or even a fitness coach.

5. Therapy business ($120K/year)

According to the Anxiety &Depression Association of America, anxiety is the number one form of mental illness in the U.S. and affects 40 million people. That is a huge number! Therapy is a perfect business to tap into now. You can offer in-person therapy or online. Being a nurse already puts you in a position where you listen to patients often, making you better placed to treat their disorders. So being a therapist will not be a hustle to you since it also involves a lot of listening. You can take therapy training programs to help you deal with different clients.

Branching from nursing to entrepreneurship is not easy, but we are here to make your transition easier. Schedule a one-on-one coaching session with us for guidance on the steps to take to become a successful entrepreneur.

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