Culture clashes are inevitable in the workplace. Even though subtle, they can lead to difficult scenarios for the parties involved. What you may see as a small difference in culture can be seen as an insult or lack of understanding from someone else’s perspective. The best way to deal with cultural clashes is by educating yourself on your own culture as well as other cultures. Knowing what you like about a person’s cultural identity rather
Tips for Nurses
Nurses, healthcare providers, and nursing students alike are all on the same page when it comes to one thing: cultural competence.  What does this mean? Cultural competency means understanding that other cultures exist and their traditions may be very different from your own. It also means recognizing how these differences may affect interactions with patients of certain cultures.  The first step in being culturally competent is to learn about other cultures and their practices. This
Tips for Nurses
Benefits of Networking in the Nursing Field
The nursing profession is a competitive and challenging field. Networking with other professionals in their line of work is extremely important. Networking allows you to learn from other peoples’ experiences and offer support when needed, solving complicated problems and addressing any concerns that need team efforts. Today, we’ll discuss why networking can benefit nurses tremendously. Here is how networking can come in handy for every nurse.   PURSUING ACADEMIC ADVANCEMENTS When you are trying to
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business ideas for nurse entrepreneurs
Nursing is practically one of the noblest jobs in the entire world. We do not only value work and time but more than anything else, we value the life of our patients. However, sometimes, working as a nurse can be very exhausting. It is very draining to come home from a shift and think about work even when we are already in the comforts of our home.  It is always good to explore more opportunities
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Network Marketing
Your Networth in the Network Network marketing isn’t a new concept but, the age of online business has for sure given it a facelift. Its forms range from personal selling to online affiliate marketing. And the types of distributor level from single to multi-level tier. Understanding Network Marketing Network marketing as a business model has been around for decades. It leverages the personal networks of individuals to grow a business or sell its products. Some
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