I. IntroductionII. Challenges of balancing patient care with running a successful businessIII. Strategies for balancing patient care with running a successful businessIV. Tips for successful nurse entrepreneurshipV. Conclusion I. Introduction As a nurse entrepreneur, there are unique challenges to balancing patient care with running a successful business. Nurses who choose to become entrepreneurs are often passionate about making a difference in the healthcare industry and pursuing innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes. However, managing patient
COVID & Entrepreneurship In Nursing: How the Pandemic Is Boosting New Ventures
Most businesses closed down, and some struggled to stay afloat during this pandemic. As people are trying to wrap their heads around the pandemic, more nurses are shifting into entrepreneurship. We will look at the impact COVID has on businesses, nursing business ideas and consider the statistics on business pre-pandemic. Small Business Success Before the Pandemic (Pre-COVID) First, it is necessary to appreciate how essential small enterprises are to the American economy. Pre-pandemic business statistics
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4 Tips for Nurses Working Through the Holidays
Nursing in every dimension is all round the clock. Sickness does not recognize holidays, and that means we will always need nurses working the holidays. Someone has to be there for the patients. Nurses often take this professional path to make a difference by helping others. An act that is entirely selfless and not about earning accolades or recognition. The holidays, and the Christmas holidays in particular when everyone is preparing to be with their
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In today’s world, cultural competence is essential for a healthy and productive workforce. Here are three ways your healthcare organization can get started on cultural competence: “Cultural competence” is a term that most times gets tossed around in the medical world but what does it really mean? It’s not just about being culturally aware, it’s also about making sure you are practising cultural humility. So what does that entail? This article will cover some ways
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The topic of cultural competence is a matter that should be discussed more often in the healthcare industry. The field of nursing, as well as other professions, have been faced with criticism for not being culturally competent enough to work with patients or clients from diverse backgrounds. This blog post will provide you with five reasons why nurses and other professionals in the healthcare industry need to get more culturally competent.  Why should an organization
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